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Fast, affordable, accurate & scalable Pashto translation services in the USA. 

Accurate, Quick, and Idiomatically & Thematically Correct Pashto Translation Agency Services in the USA

MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC provides high-quality Pashto translation agency services in the USA. We are a US-based translation and interpreting agency services company serving customers for the past 30 years. Our customers include global corporations, governmental agencies, small and medium businesses, and individual customers. We are specialists in intercultural awareness and the first choice for precise global communications. This is because our experts come from varied professional, cultural, and geographical backgrounds that allow us to translate documents accurately in all major world languages. We provide the full range of translation agency services that include legal, academic, financial, technical, and website content & localization among others. Our highly professional, experienced, and top-notch translation team and a customer-centric attitude drive our success and set us apart as a company. With our specialization, focus, cultural awareness, and highest quality standards, you need not worry about linguistic barriers anymore.  We provide translation services in various other languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese , FarsiPashto, Spanish etc.

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Pashto Interpreting Services in the USA

Since the pandemic, the world has changed and so has the way of doing business and connecting with each other. Virtual broadcasting and communication have become the norm instead of the exception. Interpreting services have also adapted and are providing virtual and phone interpreting services that are as good and even better than in-person interpreting. This new shift is more customer-centric, effective, fast, and available. Our certified interpreters are at your service through Google Meet, Zoom, or any other virtual platform of your liking. Not only that, but as a dedicated customer-centric enterprise, we also provide in-person interpreters depending on your requirements and needs. Please fill out the “contact us” form on our website, or call us at 571-623 7333 to schedule your interpreting appointmen

 Pashto Translation Agency Services in the USA- Statistics 

Pashto is spoken by nearly 60 million speakers worldwide. It is also known as Pakhto, Pushto, and Pukhto. It is the official language of Afghanistan and has 2 dialects, Northern and Southern, but lexically these are eighty percent similar. It is also spoken widely in northwest Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan, and several parts of central Asia. There is a sizeable Pashto-speaking population in the Middle East, Gulf region, United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. 


The translation the company provided was very precise.

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I have had an amazing experience with Arabic

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Miranda's services are always top-notch. You can't beat

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As the manager of a translation operation, Miranda earned

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Miranda always exceeded our expectations.

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Tehane Ali

I have had numerous documents translated over the years in multiple languages. Arabic Translation Services has been the fastest, easiest and most reliable company I’ve worked with.

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Miranda is one of the greatest translator that I have ever known. She always help.I have been using her services for the last 10 years. simply amazing.


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Certified Pashto & English Translation of Documents

MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC provides certified translation of Pashto documents that are stamped, signed, and verified. The certification attests that the translated document is complete, true, accurate, and meet government requirements, academic applications, legal filings, and other official use. These include the following documents among others.  

  • Academic Qualifications
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Bank statements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property title deeds, etc.
  • Police clearance 
  • Accounting documents
  • Travel documents
  • Official documents
  • Birth certificate of U.S.A
  • U.S.A Valid passport
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Other Identity Documents
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Pashto Medical Translation Services in the USA

Accuracy in translation and interpretation can clear misunderstandings and save lives. Our Pashto linguists have specialized scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare knowledge. We deliver flawless translation and interpretation of Pashto dialects and documents in English. Our certified interpreters are trained to represent you in health care facilities, and medical institutions. They will be with you at all times to ensure accurate communication between the healthcare providers and the patients or their primary caregivers. At MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC, we also provide expert translation and transcription services for medical and life science enterprises. These include medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, healthcare marketers, and individual customers, among others. Our Pashto medical and life sciences translation services include among others: 

  • Medical reports
  • IFUs and CRFs
  • User manuals and other medical information 
  • Patient Surveys
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Clinical trial questionnaires
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Medical and Research studies

Professional Audio and Video Transcription

With many years of experience and hundreds of hours of audio and video transcription, MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC has mastered the art of transcribing and translating audios and videos in all languages, including the Pashto language and its dialects. Our transcription credits includes documentaries, interviews, Pashto news reports, speeches, , and much more. 

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Pashto Legal Translation & Interpreter Services in the USA

MHM Human Translations, LLC has qualified Pashto linguists who specialize in the field of legal translation , and are fully compliant with legal standards at every level. They are specifically trained in ‘legal’ terminology in diverse domains and specialties. Our professional linguists have the background and the experience in comprehending and translating all types of legal documents, and providing accurate legal translation services from and into Pashto. Some of the documents we translate include, among others: 

  • Court reporting documents
  • Deposition services
  • Country constitutional and civil law
  • Wills and trusts
  • Contracts and leases
  • Extradition documents
  • Intellectual property and patent applications
  • Employment agreements and other documents

Pashto Immigration-related Translation services in the USA

At, MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC, we have facilitated thousands of applications of new immigrants with our accurate translations that helped them in attaining green cards, permanent residency, and American citizenship. We provide quick certified translations of official documents with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. 

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Pashto Academic & Instructional Translation Services in the USA

MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC provides high grade Pashto academic translations for all educational levels. These are certified translations usually for transcripts, syllabus, course descriptions, diplomas, degrees, etc. Our certified translations meet the guidelines of educational and governmental institutions. Our Pashto academic translation agency services include but are not limited to:

  • Instruction sheets
  • Textbooks
  • Diplomas and other educational qualifications
  • Course material
  • Syllabi
  • User documents
  • Training manuals
  • Specification sheets

Competitive Rates

You might ask why some translators are willing to do your job for 10 cents/word and others ask for 32 cents/word? The answer is multifold:

1) One main reason for low rates inside the United States is the growing usage of machine translation at the expense of human translation. Such providers rely 90-100% on machine translation, which not only produces bigger volumes in minutes; but also saves the company money, which they would have otherwise paid to qualified translators.  But, by doing so, they are ignoring the importance of applying human intelligence to understanding the true meaning, the nuances, and the dialectical idioms of the material they translate.  

2) The translation provider, who is offering a low rate per word, is either a foreign entity operating out of a low-income country or a US-based translator who works alone.  While the first is not authorized to translate certified translation in the first place, the latter translates the job and sends it to the client without putting the translation through the two other important phases of production, namely editing and proofreading.  You do not face these problems when you come to us because our rates include translation, editing, and proofreading. The work you get from us is ready to go.

3) Translators who settle for less are usually lacking in experience and knowledge of the art of translation. They are people who think that speaking both languages automatically makes them qualified translators.

How much do we charge? We charge a flat rate of 19 cents/word for Pashto translation agency services, subject to a 10% volume discount. This rate includes translation, editing, and proofreading. It also includes emailing you a soft copy of the translation as well as mailing you the hard copy by Priority Mail.

For certified translation, we charge a flat rate of $75 for 300 words or less document. If you have more than one document to translate, we give you a discount of $15 per document.

Pashto translation volume discount

MHM HUMAN TRANSLATIONS, LLC offers volume discounts on its Pashto translation agency services.  The discount ranges between 5 to 10% depending on the total value of your order.